At it's heart, the 30 Day Experiment is about habit formation.

  • What do experiments teach us about the choices we make?

  • How do they inform our learning about what works for us?

  • And what does it teach us about focus?

The format of each experiment starts with Why and ends with 5 learnings that I hope readers will find valuable.

I also publish regularly on LinkedIn where you will find these and other articles relating to Change.

I invite you to read through my experiments, and have a go at creating your own 30 day experiments. 


I attended one of Anish's Habit Formation online conversations in April, and found it really interesting. Anish is a calm and confident facilitator, and encouraged everyone to participate and share their view. It was a good mix of theory, discussion and application - and I particularly liked the use of a little 'online poll' to gather thoughts and get us talking. Virtual events can be tricky to host, but Anish made it look easy

Elaine Warwicker

Anish hosted a webinar on the topic of Habits, which was insightful and very conversational for all participants. Considering his personality, it was not a surprise to see that the session was very structured yet fluid to keep the attendees engaged. I

Rakesh Vakeel

Attended a great call, arranged & hosted by Anish on habits. The content was great & the interactive slides, questioning and probing for insights was amongst the best I have seen. Highly recommended and I will certainly attend future calls and highly recommend to others

Ian Balfour