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Experiment #1 - Reflections from a 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

There would appear to be a lot of noise from social media influencers around pushing out daily content and the results being MASSIVE.

Personally, I tend to trust things more when I have tried them myself. And as someone who studied Chemistry at university, I love a good experiment.

What I did

On October 1st, I committed privately to a 30-day challenge. It meant putting something out on LinkedIn every working day that was more than a “like”

Why did I do this? Well 3 reasons actually

  1. I’m the owner of a new business and would like to increase awareness of my offering by providing value. I see LinkedIn as a potential vehicle for this.

  2. I’m new to creating content on social media. Until recently, my engagement has consisted of likes and congratulating people when they move jobs.

  3. I’m a little wary of the hype surrounding content creation. The logic is certainly persuasive. Be in the public eye and you will gain attention.

What I have learnt

So it’s now November 1st 2019. I have put out 2 videos, a couple of articles, several posts and several shares. Aside from realising that I'm not immune to looking at vanity metrics, what have I learnt? Several things really.

  • Writing. It has forced me to really challenge myself on the message I am putting out there. It’s brought clarity to my thinking. And brought more focus to my positioning of the service I offer.

  • Views. It’s quality over quantity. One post generated over 1,500 views about a talk I was doing in a school. Whilst another about the merits of forwarding meeting invites, generated less than 50 but got me a prospect.

  • Reciprocity. People you engage with, generally engage back. But don’t expect reciprocity. It only leads to disappointment.

  • Videos. It took an awful lot of courage to put myself out there. But I'm glad I did it. I’ve learnt about videos, how to subtitle, edit and play with sound levels. All using free phone apps. I’ve really enjoyed the process actually.

  • Re-engaging in the real world face to face with some old contacts and forging relationships with new ones.

In summary as far as experiments go, it’s been good in terms of learning but the jury is out in terms of inbound lead generation. I don’t doubt that engagement is important. I just question the degree to which it’s a good use of time.

What I'll do next

Will I continue pushing out content? I think as long as I’m having fun and learning and not spending hours on the platform, I will continue.

Hope you enjoyed my article. I’m interested in comments but particularly from those who maybe have a different experience (better or worse) from a similar starting point.

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