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Project | 01
Project | 30 Day Experiment

30dayexperiment was created to help people stay more centred and remain disciplined. It has spawned a blog, webinars and more. I provide private coaching to individuals specifically on habit formation.

Out in 2021 is my first book named after this project. Containing reflections and learnings to help maintain focus and increase confidence through experimentation.

Project | 02
Project | Meeting Effectiveness Training

Meeting Effectiveness Training is a programme of work that comprises of a

  • Diagnostic,

  • 5 inter connected training modules and a

  • 1 month mentoring programme.

Following the COVID 19 outbreak. This project is currently being converted to an online course that will be hosted on various e-learning platforms.

Project | 03
Project | Culture Design Canvas

The Culture Design Canvas is the brainchild of Gustavo Razzetti.

It is an innovative framework to enable organisations to stand back and diagnose their culture. Understand deeply what is working vs what isn't.

And then design steps to radically improve ways of working aligned with the company vision.

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